воскресенье, 28 марта 2021 г.

Suvorov military school plans to open in Irkutsk

The Ministry of Defense, on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, will work out the issue of creating the Suvorov military school in Irkutsk. The head of state himself announced this on Thursday, July 30, during a video conference with the Acting Governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev.During the meeting, Kobzev asked to support the idea of ​​creating a Suvorov military school in the capital of the region on the basis of the facilities of the Irkutsk Aviation Engineering School, which was liquidated 11 years ago.“I will instruct the Ministry of Defense to work it out, and you will also work with them. And on this issue, submit your proposals, ”the Russian leader replied to the relevant question.
The President pointed out that it will be necessary not only to put in order the buildings and structures, but then to maintain them "appropriately".Kobzev noted that, according to preliminary estimates, about 1 billion rubles will be spent on the repair of the buildings of the former aviation engineering school, and the regional authorities are ready to co-finance this project.According to the Acting Governor, a survey conducted among the residents of the region showed that 98% of them support the creation of the Suvorov School on the basis of the facilities of the Irkutsk Aviation Engineering School.“I want to report that the public, especially the older generation, constantly asks me to initiate this issue in front of you,” Kobzev added.

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