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Field admissions groups of military universities begin recruiting applicants in the regions

MOSCOW, July 15. / TASS /. The recruiting campaign in the universities of the Russian Ministry of Defense starts on Wednesday in 74 regions of the country. To ensure the safety of applicants in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the visiting admissions committees of the universities of the Ministry of Defense are recruiting applicants in the regions of residence without them arriving at educational institutions.
As previously reported in the military department, special visiting groups consist of representatives of universities, psychologists and physical training specialists. The groups will work on the basis of regional military registration and enlistment offices. Each field team will select candidates for all 35 higher military educational institutions of the Russian Ministry of Defense.
The visiting commissions will work from July 15 to August 5. These dates were selected taking into account the timing of the exam and the anti-epidemic measures taken.
"The selection committees of universities from July 25 to August 10, relying on the results of the work of the field groups, the results of the USE of candidates and the individual achievements of applicants, will conduct the final professional selection. From August 15, candidates who have successfully passed the professional selection will be enrolled in military educational institutions," stressed in the military department.

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